Shri Sitaram Eknath Chaudhari

"The Purpose of Life is to be Helpful, Ethical and Compassionate."

Born in poverty to a poor family, he had to struggle not only to earn a living but also to complete his own education. He could fulfill his purpose only because of his immense hard work and education. Hence he is strong believer that Education and Hard work can change world for you.

He has started working at very young age and retired as "Agricultural officer". During this journey, he has got his back from his better half Late Mrs. Sushila Sitaram Chaudhari. She was sharing the same purpose and thoughts as his. She was pillar to his family having two daughters and a son.

Along with his own children, he also wanted other children to have better education to secure their future. Whenever he has come across any child not getting proper education just because of financial problem, he would never have second thought to support them. He has helped all deprived people who has crossed his path, be it for education or medical emergencies. To continue his legacy, he wished to start a trust to expand his reach to needy and extend his helping hand to them.

In Jan'2022, at his age of 92, Sushila Sitaram Sahayata Trust foundation is established. His purpose kept him focused, his vision aligned him with his goal and this mission will empower others.

This was not his dream seen with closed eyes, but accomplishing a dream with open eyes.


Dr. Prof. Latika Bonde

Ph.D. (Retired Professor)

Kalyan M.H.


Mangala Rane

B.Com. (Homemaker)

Indore M.P.


Ramesh Rane

Diploma (Retd. DDM Paint Shop)

Indore M.P.


Shubhangi Patil

B.Sc. (Tutor)

Bhusawal M.H.


Tejaswini Bendale

B.E. (IT Professional)

Mumbai M.H.